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  1. 2Verkhogliadov G.A., Masharin M.A., Gets D.S., Danilovskii E.I., Makarov S.V., Zakhidov A.A. Effect of solvent annealing on optical properties of perovskite dualfunctional devices // Solid State Phenomena - 2020, pp. 1 [SJR: 0.198]
  2. 1Gets D.S., Saranin D., Ishteev A.R., Haroldson R., Danilovskiy E., Makarov S.V., Zakhidov A.A. Light-emitting perovskite solar cell with segregation enhanced self doping // Applied Surface Science - 2019, Vol. 476, pp. 486-492 [IF: 3.387, SJR: 1.23]
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