Hybrid nanophotonics

Nanostructured organic-inorganic materials for the applications in optoelectronics and photovoltaics.


Our aim is to develop a new platform for advanced nanophotonics devices. Halide perovskites demonstrate unique optical properties: high refractive index, and excitons at room temperature and high quantum yield of luminescence, that makes them very attractive for all-dielectric resonant nanophotonics.


1. Perovskite nanowire lasers. 




Inorganic cesium lead halide perovskite lasers with a broad spectral range of stimulated emission at room temperature and low laser generation threshold have become powerful tools for the cutting-edge applications in the optoelectronics and nanophotonics such as photonic integrated circuits, photonic chips or optical sensors.

A  novel approach to fabricate high-quality CsPbBr3 nanolasers by rapid precipitation from dimethyl sulfoxide solution sprayed onto hydrophobic substrates at ambient conditions was designed being the fastest method to the best of our knowledge. Nanolasers obtained exhibit pronounced stimulated emission above several mkJ cm-2 excitation threshold with quality factor Q~=~1000-6000. Such a high performance is assumed to be related to their monocrystalline structure, low concentration of defect states, and improved end facet reflectivity.

Anatoly P Pushkarev, Viacheslav I Korolev, Daria I Markina, Filipp E Komissarenko, Arnas Naujokaitis, Audrius Drabavicius, Vidas Pakstas, Marius Franckevicius, Soslan A Khubezhov, Denis A Sannikov, Anton V Zasedatelev, Pavlos G Lagoudakis, Anvar A Zakhidov, Sergey V Makarov, "A Few-Minute Synthesis of CsPbBr3 Nanolasers with a High Quality Factor by Spraying at Ambient Conditions" ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (1), 1040-1048 (2018)


2. Perovskite metasurfaces

  image file: c7nr01631j-f1.tif

"Multifold emission enhancement in nanoimprinted hybrid perovskite metasurfaces" SV Makarov, V Milichko, EV Ushakova, M Omelyanovich, AC Pasaran, R Haroldson, B Balachandran, H Wang, W Hu, Yu S Kivshar, AA Zakhidov ACS Photonics 4 (4), 728-735 (2017) 

"Resonant silicon nanoparticles for enhancement of light absorption and photoluminescence from hybrid perovskite films and metasurfaces" E Tiguntseva, A Chebykin, A Ishteev, R Haroldson, B Balachandran, E Ushakova, F Komissarenko, H Wang, V Milichko, A Tsypkin, D Zuev, W Hu, S Makarov, A Zakhidov Nanoscale 9, 12486-1249

3. Perovskite resonant nanoparticles

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"Light-Emitting Halide Perovskite Nanoantennas" E Tiguntseva, GP Zograf, FE Komissarenko, DA Zuev, AA Zakhidov, S Makarov, Y Kivshar, Nano Letters 18 (2), 1185-1190 (2018)