Semiconductor resonant nano- and thermo-photonics

In the recent years resonant semiconductor particles found their applications in various fields of nanophotonics: from high-precision sensing devices and nanoantennas to the targeted drug delivery platforms and nanothermometry. It appeared that the nanostructures supporting multiple resonances are very useful in light operating tasks as they can steer and enhance incident radiation. For example, it was shown that such semiconductor structures could be efficiently heated with the laser beam and, moreover, their temperature could be precisely controlled at the nanoscale during this process with the means of Raman spectroscopy. The research in this area have fundamental value as there are potential sensing, biomedical and optoelectronic implementations of the technologies.

In our group we conduct both theoretical and experimental investigations of the resonant structures. Our research includes numerical calculation of the optical resonators’ eigenmodes and their quality factors, modelling of the electromagnetic problems and optimization of the parameters for experimental tasks. We use modern equipment in the laboratory which allows us to obtain precise results and compare them with theoretical simulations.

Our main tasks are:

1. Raman emission enhancement

Since Raman emission is a powerful tool for analyzing optical structures, nanothermometry, sensing and some other applications we develop methods for the effective signal enhancement through engineering of high-quality Mie-resonances [1].

2. Optical heating

Dielectric nanoparticles showed the ability to be heated efficiently with laser radiation [2]. Integration of these particles with optimized resonant properties into special capsules makes the controllable drug delivery possible [3, 4]. Moreover, by heating nanoobjects we obtain strong optical response of the material which can be used in tuning metalanses, nanoantennas directivity etc.

3. Raman nanothermometry

The precision of modern equipment allows to measure temperature at the nanoscale [2] with the means of Raman spectroscopy! Local temperature control is very important in many experimental tasks as it is vital to preserve the structure and optical properties of the samples. In our works we managed to estimate the critical temperature of the polymer capsules destruction inside of the living cells which is essential for biomedical applications [3].


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