Ionically gated optoelectronic devices

We develop a method of an improvement in the performance of photovoltaic systems by ionic gating via controlled reversible n-doping of multi-wall carbon nanotube coated on fullerenes. Such electric double layer charging doping, achieved by ionic liquid charging, allows tuning the electronic concentration in multi-wall carbon nanotubes and the fullerene planar acceptor layers, increasing it by orders of magnitude. This leads to decreasing the series and increasing the shunt resistances of OPV and allows to use of thick ETLs, increasing the durability of PV cells. This concept can be applied to complex highly-efficient hybrid devices, such as perovskite PV, providing a new way to tune their properties via controllable and reversible interfacial doping of charge collectors and transport layers.


1. Danila S. Saranin, Abolfazl Mahmoodpoor, Pavel M. Voroshilov, Constantin R. Simovski, and Anvar A. Zakhidov, "Ionically Gated Small Molecule OPV: Controlled n-doping of Thick Fullerene acceptor layers", ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (submitted) 2020

2. Saranin, D., Mahmoodpoor, A., Voroshilov, P., Muratov, D., Haroldson, R., Nasibulin, A., Ishteev, A., Didenko, S., Zakhidov, A. "Ionic Gating in Perovskite Solar Cellswith CNT Charge Collector on Thick C60 (C70) Electron Transport Layer: Modeling of Optimal Geometry", In process of submission to Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 2021