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Михаил Алексеевич Машарин

Лаборатория гибридной нанофотоники и оптоэлектроники


  1. 3Masharin M.A., Gets D.S., Verkhoglyadov G.S., Makarov S.V., Zakhidov A.A. Polymer Modification of Perovskite Solar Cells to Increase Open-Circuit Voltage // AIP Conference Proceedings - 2020, Vol. 2300, pp. 020084 [SJR: 0.19]
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  2. 2Verkhogliadov G.A., Masharin M.A., Gets D.S., Danilovskiy E., Makarov S.V., Zakhidov A.A. Effect of solvent annealing on optical properties of perovskite dualfunctional devices // Solid State Phenomena - 2020, Vol. 312 SSP, pp. 185-191 [SJR: 0.198]
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  3. 1Masharin M.A., Gets D.S., Verkhogliadov G.A., Makarov S.V., Zakhidov A.A. Memristive properties of solar cells based on perovskite and polymer composite // Journal of Physics: Conference Series - 2019, Vol. 1410, No. 1, pp. 012087 [SJR: 0.227]
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