Video-based optical contact angle measuring instrument OCA 15EC

The video-based optical contact angle measuring system OCA 15EC is the instrument for the budget-priced starting into the contact angle measuring technique and drop shape analysis. The single direct dosing system SD-DM in combination with one electronic syringe unit ES –included in the OCA 15EC Package– allows the comfortable and reproducible handling and dosing of liquids. For transportation in the optional case the OCA 15EC is dismountable without the slightest effort.

Technical data

Max. sample dimensions (L x W x H): • 220 x ² x 70 mm

Sample table dimensions: . 100 x 100 mm

Max. sample weight: • 15.0 kg

Measuring range for contact angles: • 0…180°; ± 0.1° measuring precision of the video system

Measuring range for surface and interfacial tensions: • 1·10-2…2·103 mN/m resolution: ± 0.01 mN/m

Optics: • 6-fold zoom lens (0.7 … 4.5 magnification) with integrated fine focus (± 6 mm) • Lighting with continuously adjustable intensity without hysteresis

Video system: • USB-Wide-VGA camera, max. resolution 752 x 480 pixel, max. sample rate 87 images/s, field of view 1.05 x 0.66… 6.72 x 4.25 mm • Image distortion < 0.05%

Measuring techniques: • Sessile and captive drop method, tilting table method • Pendant drop method • Lamella method on test spheres and rods

Software SCA 20:Video based measurement of static and dynamic contact angles according to the sessile and captive drop as well as tilting table methods, measurement of drop and lamella contours. • Operation of one ES electronic dosing unit

Software SCA 21: • Calculation of surface free energies on solids and their contributions with error limits based on measured contact angles, evaluation according to Fowkes (geometric mean), Wu (harmonic mean), extended Fowkes (including H bonds), Zisman (critical surface tension), Owens-Wendt (dispersive and polar), van Oss and Good (acid-base theory), Schultz I + II (two-liquid method), Neumann’s Equation of State (EOS), calculation of dispersive and polar contributions of liquids based on measured surface and interfacial tensions as well as contact angles with error limits, calculation of wetting envelopes, work of adhesion, and other diagrams

Software SCA 22: Calculation of surface and interfacial tensions based on pendant drop contours and rising bubbles

Software SCA 23:Calculation of surface tensions of liquids based on liquid lamella on test spheres and rods

Dimensions (L x W x H): • 590 x 160 x 360 mm

Weight: • 14 kg

Power supply: • 100…240VAC; 50…60Hz; 55 W

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